Lies, Sweet Talk & Alibis

from by Carolann Brevard

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1st Verse

Ain’t nobody moving me
I’m tired of dudes using me, well
Talking that bullshit in my ear
And saying all the things I wanna hear
You ain’t gotta front just to get what you want
You just need to quit cause I ain’t having it


I’m tired of your lies, sweet talk and alibis
So tired of your lies, sweet talk and alibis

2nd Verse

So you say you’re not attached
But tell me does your wife, does she know that
Now I’m not down for no drama
So leave that mess w/your baby’s momma
Stop blowing up my phone thinking I’m at home alone
You just outta quit, cause I ain’t having it


Well, now if I had a dime for every lie you told
I'd build me a castle it'd be made of gold
I'd feed all the hungry babies on the planet earth
But the problem's with the words you say they not even worth
A penny, a nickel, certainly not a dime
Seems every time you speak you's lying all the time
I'm trying hard to find a reason to even come near you
With the falsehoods that you speak I simply cannot hear you
Cannot see you, won't believe you, if you say it it isn't so
Wooden like Pinocchio, see I watch your nose grow
In some web of deceit, you see, you're bound to get caught
With all those alibis and lies and all that sweet talk...


Your lies, your lies, your lies
Go ahead on w/those lies, sweet talk & alibis
Your lies, your lies, your lies
I don’t want it and I don’t need it

Your lies
Your lies
Your lies
Your lies


from Greatness, released July 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Carolann Brevard New Jersey

Greatness. Both the word and this recording speak of human striving, of achievement. “Greatness” also refers to the rhythm and blues tradition, this fabulous pathway of passionate human expression. Now this is Carolann Brevard’s turn, to dig down into her musical tradition, to speak honestly and sing gloriously, to tell her own stories, to weave her own musical spells. ... more

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