by Carolann Brevard

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released July 15, 2014



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Carolann Brevard New Jersey

Greatness. Both the word and this recording speak of human striving, of achievement. “Greatness” also refers to the rhythm and blues tradition, this fabulous pathway of passionate human expression. Now this is Carolann Brevard’s turn, to dig down into her musical tradition, to speak honestly and sing gloriously, to tell her own stories, to weave her own musical spells. ... more

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Track Name: Greatness
1st Verse

Seems like I never win
Maybe it’s time to throw the towel in
I don’t know what to do
So I’m praying that I get a sign from you
You’ve never done me wrong, no
That’s why my faith remains so strong, so strong
And sometimes I get scared
But I know I know I know
You’re always right there


You know what I’m meant for
I don’t know what’s in store
We together we’ll endure
Cause I’m destined for greatness

2nd Verse

Sometimes I’m in a rut, oh yes I am
And everyday life starts to kick my butt
It makes me wanna shout
Struggling trying to find my way out
I keep my eye on the prize all the time
Now you may say it’s dumb or not very wise
But there’s a feeling in my soul
And I know I know I know
You’re always in control


Storm clouds may blow
But there’s one thing I know
When all is said and done
I’ll be number one

Track Name: Lies, Sweet Talk & Alibis
1st Verse

Ain’t nobody moving me
I’m tired of dudes using me, well
Talking that bullshit in my ear
And saying all the things I wanna hear
You ain’t gotta front just to get what you want
You just need to quit cause I ain’t having it


I’m tired of your lies, sweet talk and alibis
So tired of your lies, sweet talk and alibis

2nd Verse

So you say you’re not attached
But tell me does your wife, does she know that
Now I’m not down for no drama
So leave that mess w/your baby’s momma
Stop blowing up my phone thinking I’m at home alone
You just outta quit, cause I ain’t having it


Well, now if I had a dime for every lie you told
I'd build me a castle it'd be made of gold
I'd feed all the hungry babies on the planet earth
But the problem's with the words you say they not even worth
A penny, a nickel, certainly not a dime
Seems every time you speak you's lying all the time
I'm trying hard to find a reason to even come near you
With the falsehoods that you speak I simply cannot hear you
Cannot see you, won't believe you, if you say it it isn't so
Wooden like Pinocchio, see I watch your nose grow
In some web of deceit, you see, you're bound to get caught
With all those alibis and lies and all that sweet talk...


Your lies, your lies, your lies
Go ahead on w/those lies, sweet talk & alibis
Your lies, your lies, your lies
I don’t want it and I don’t need it

Your lies
Your lies
Your lies
Your lies
Track Name: Possession
1st Verse

If I could inhale you I would
So I can always feel you inside of me
Pumping through my veins
Being apart from you drives me insane
Thinking of ways we can become one
Consumes my mind what have you done
I can’t help myself and I don’t know why
I need and want you all the time, all the time


Strong than desire
Deeper than obsession
Hotter than fire not a ghost but possession
This is what your love does to me
This is how your love takes over me

2nd Verse

My body and soul aches for you
When I’m alone at night there’s nothing I can do
But yearn for your beautiful body intertwined w/mine
And reminisce about the last time
Cause touching myself don’t feel the same
And it damn sure don’t ease the pain
Can’t get loving you off my mind
I need and want you all the time


Just the thought of you
And I begin to swell
I’m glad no one can tell, oh
I begin to flow and I’m no river and I don’t spit rhymes
I need and want you all the time

Track Name: It's Complicated
1st Verse

I love you and you love me
But you still have obligations to your family
Who knew would steal my heart
But to your credit you were straight up from the start

So all I can do for now is take what you give
And hope one day together we will live
I should leave you alone
And get a man of my own
I tried, Lord knows I tried


It’s complicated
It’s complicated
It’s complicated
It’s complicated

2nd Verse

Each night I wait to hear from you
To let me know this is the night I can come through (and see you)
You made it very clear what you could and could not do
So my choice to stay can’t be blamed on you

It’s not so cut and dry
And can somebody tell me why
I choose to stay, in love this way
Track Name: Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me
1st Verse

Loving you came easily
Yet it made me blind to all there was to see
Now my heart is filled with pain

You understand I never will
How did it come to be that you don't love me still?
Now it's getting to be plain


If you really cared about anyone else
I know you wouldn't hurt me
If you cared about more than yourself
I bet ya wouldn't go
If you really cared about anyone else
I know you wouldn't hurt me
If you cared about more than yourself
You wouldn't walk out the door

Though some days the blues was our parade,
Still we marched through all the tears we made
Now I find that it wasn't no game of charades that you played

2nd Verse

I did my best to bring you joy
How can you just leave me like a broken toy?
Where's the man that once was you?

If I could be within your mind
I would never think to treat you this unkind
The pain you caused will come to you

Track Name: Negativity
1st Verse

Every time you come around
You always bring me down
Complaining about this and that
Talking about me behind my back

I don’t pay you no mind
Cause I know your kind
And you don’t even phase me
It’s so plain to see
That your misery wants some company


Don’t want any, can’t stand to see, it’s not a part of me
This negativity keep it away from me no

2nd Verse

Sometimes you speak, sometimes you don’t
Maybe you will or you won’t
You never have nothing good to say
And you always gotta hate

It’s funny how we’re cool
When you’re in a good mood
Or you need something from me
Well people like you
I can see straight through, who you trying to fool

Track Name: Momma's Baby
1st Verse

Every time it breaks my heart to see
How our children can longer run around playing free
Instead they have to wonder where
They are gonna lay their heads
And how their mouths are being fed
Momma, why you struggling and can barely bring home nothing, what a shame


Momma's baby
Poppas maybe
What a shame, will it change

2nd Verse

Some don’t even know who planted the seed
That brought them in this world despair and misery
Instead they turn to friends in the streets
Hoping to fill the void
Of where their father supposed to be
Brother why you hustlin’ and you’re still bringing home nothing, what a shame

Track Name: If You Don't Believe
If you don’t believe all the tears in my eyes I cried for ya
If you don’t believe all the nights with you gone I sighed for ya
And if you don’t believe, while you’re away
That my life gets emptier w/each breath that I take
Now I must concede, that it’s you I truly need
So I try for you

Missing lover
Where are ya
Oh where……
Track Name: Love Again
1st Verse

Feeling uninspired
I’m growing tired
Of waiting for true love to come my way
Every day I wake I hope it is the day
Love will find me
I’ve been walking ‘round blindly


I want love again
I need my best friend
To fill my lonely nights (ahh ahhh)
To come and share my life (ahh ahhh)
I want to love again

2nd Verse

Tired of all the silly games
Everyone plays
Just so they can get their way
And you never really know who’s friend or who’s foe
And who you can trust
With your love


Tired of all the silly games played
Tired, tired
Tired of the fools they’re all the same
I’m so tired of the games
Tired of all the silly games played
Tired, tired
Tired of the fools they’re all the same


Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, love
Track Name: Dog With a Bone

Like a dog w/a bone
You just leave me alone
And think that I’ll be here
for you when you come home
But when you find your way back
don’t be surprised to find that
another dog has got your bone

1st Verse

You don’t want me
And you don’t want nobody else to have me
You say & do just enough to keep me around
Got my nose so wide open
I can’t see the ground

Where are you when I need love
Where are you when I need care
Apparently, everywhere else but here baby
Floating in & out my life
Whenever you feel like
And I’m positive
Something’s got to give


2nd Verse

Why trying to hold onto me
When you know somebody else would treat me better
I guess you want me here in case you change your mind
And decide you really want me
But you don’t have much time, oh no

What makes you think I’ll still be here
the next time you disappear
If that’s the case, then you’re sadly mistaken baby
As soon as someone comes along
Turn your back and I’ll be gone
Cause I’m sure, I can’t wait for you no more


What so you want w/me
You now you just can’t be
Track Name: Time to Go
1st Verse

I can’t do this anymore, no
I’m stronger than before
I was afraid to make a move
Scared to live without you

Well that was then, and this is now
I don’t worry ‘bout the why’s or hows
I walk by faith and not by sight
Cause it’s time, it’s my time


I saw the signs a million times
But never paid them no mind
It’s time to go
After all the years and many tears
I’m ready to face my fears
It’s time to go

2nd Verse

I don’t know where I’ll end up, no
But staying here, is not enough
I deserve so much better
That’s why we can’t stay together


To get what you never had, you gotta do what you never did
It is only then, you will truly live
I still walk by faith and not by sight
Cause it’s time, it’s my time


It’s time to go
I know it’s so